About Caribbean Contact Center
Caribbean Contact Center is a business process outsourcer with facilities located in Port-au-Prince,Haiti. As a partnership between established, financially strong local companies and seasoned executives from Canada and Haiti,CCC specializes in contact center and back office solutions.

Our Management team has proven experience in the call center, technology services, management consulting, operations management and training industry.

Among the pioneers in the field in Haiti, we are proud to showcase the friendliness, commitment and productivity of the Haitian workforce.

Our vision is to create with our clients long term relationships to deliver competitive customer service, lead generation, sales and back office operations.

Our strategy is to give you access to skilled, continuously trained and above all motivated Associates. Our internal processes are based on continuous improvement, quality assurance and human capital development. These values aligned with our culture which promotes open communication and modern management practices will ensure efficiency at all levels of our organization.


Haiti officially the Republic of Haiti is a French speaking independent Caribbean country. Haiti occupies the western third part of the island of Haiti or Ayiti (native name), bordered to the north by the Atlantic Ocean, the east by the Dominican Republic, the south by the Caribbean Sea and to the west by the Windward Passage, which separates the island to Cuba.

Haiti is located at just an hour and a half to the United States and its busy trade path leading to the Panama Canal which connects North America to South America.

Competitive benefits

  • Proximity to America (nearshore)
  • Skilled workforce speaking French, English and Spanish
  • Competitive rates
  • Up to 15 years tax exemptions
  • International Fiber Optic

Outsourcing, specifically textile and apparel manufacturing, has been the most dynamic component of Haitian industry over the last 25 years. Its development can be explained by the availability of a productive and competitive workforce as well as geographical proximity to the United States. The quality and efficiency of Haitian workforce is well recognized in the region and has attracted international companies from as far as Korea to invest in Haiti.

With a large Diaspora base in the US, Canada and the Dominican Republic, Haitian people are respected for their openness, commitment to education and their productivity. With international fiber connections and its competitive traits, Haiti offers all the elements to be able to repeat the same success in business process outsourcing as it did in the textile industry.


Caribbean Contact Center engages quality resources on your projects and we give them all the tools necessary for them to succeed. As a policy, we only recruit college graduates. Our selection tests allow us to guarantee a high level of productivity and language. Officially a French speaking country, closeness to North America and the Dominican Republic also gives us access to resources that are bilingual and in cases, trilingual.

We understand that our Associates will be the “Voice” and “Hands” of your company. We do take this responsibility very seriously. Our Associates are required to sign and adhere to our Internal Regulations and Code of Ethics. They are also put through a variety of training programs about the outsourcing industry and specific job skills. Our goal is to continuously promote pride, professionalism and expertise. Skill sets are closely monitored and incrementally nurtured to favour advancement and reduce turnover.

Whatever your project, we assure you that by outsourcing with us, you will be represented in the same way as your own employees.


You are assigned a project manager who will run your campaign. According to the requirements, you will periodically receive a report that will detail the activities of your campaign. Through feedback sessions, we will continuously review performance indicators such as call quality, service level, response times, script effectiveness etc. Progress is rigorously monitored with you to guarantee contracted service level though proactive corrective actions.


Call Center platform

Caribbean Contact Center uses the right technology to maximise your investment dollar. Our platform allows us to easily scale up to any size of project while maximizing dial efficiency and campaign effectiveness without sacrificing call quality. Furthermore, the monitoring and reporting of our system allows our clients to monitor their campaign, listen in on calls and obtain directly a wide variety of reports. Integrated workforce management tools allow us to control performance on large scale campaigns and guarantee results on your key indicators.

Basically, what that means to you is, using our systems allows you to optimize the efficiency and results of your campaign with no additional investment in technology that are not contributing to your core business.

Key features

  • Multi-Channel ACD
  • Skills-based routing and a universal queue for phone calls, e-mails, faxes, voicemails, voice-over-Web calls, callbacks to route customers in virtual queue, chat and Web-collaboration sessions
  • Inbound/outbound cross-media blending
  • Integrated outbound predictive/preview dialing
  • Chat: includes Web collaboration/form sharing, push technology and suggested response
  • E-mail Management: includes automated e-mail management and e-mail routing with suggested responses
  • Built-in recording, supervision and agent-coaching capabilities
  • Standard pre-built reports and report customization capabilities
  • Integrated and pre-built real-time dashboards

Infrastructure and Internet

Haiti is connected to international fiber networks. Our call center location allows us to connect directly to the network operating center (NOC) of our main provider bypassing commercial distribution while maintaining full redundancy with (2) additional backup providers.

CCC has 100% redundancy in all critical systems, including electric utility by using multiple UPS and backup generators.